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SWAN Preschool

SWAN Preschool, Ages 2 – 4

The preschool curriculum is based on the philosophy that children are competent and self-driven learners who benefit most through exploration. Every day, children of all ethnic backgrounds learn both English and Chinese, developing bilingual proficiency.   At SWAN, preschoolers acquire new language skills. They also have the unique opportunity to experience the cultural heritage of China, the tradition of Chinese New Year and the importance and meaning of traditional Chinese food such as dumplings.  School tour is available every Wednesday at 10am or 3:30pm, and Thursday at 3:30pm, email info@swan-nyc.org or telephone 646-998-5786 to make an appointment.


Parent Testimony

“My daughter has attended SWAN for over a year.  She started in the 2s class, participated in their summer camp, and is now in the 3s class.  Although we do not speak Mandarin at home, she is completely bilingual.  The teachers and staff at SWAN are excellent and about 80% of the instruction is in Mandarin.   She absolutely loves her teachers and classmates.  She is constantly singing Chinese songs and telling stories in Chinese.  She also speaks with my mother, who is a native speaker, in Mandarin.  SWAN is also quite affordable compared with other Mandarin programs.  They provide breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon snacks. “  – Stephanie Spangler (Oct. 2018)

 “Our daughter started with SWAN at age 3.5, and in less than a year she has become proficient in Mandarin.  While neither of us speak Mandarin ourselves, through SWAN our daughter has been able to develop and practice her speaking, listening and reading skills working with native speakers.  Throughout our experience with SWAN’s various programs, including the preschool class, summer program and one-on-one tutoring, we have been very impressed with the stimulating learning environment, thoughtful curriculum and activities, and individualized attention our daughter has received from the highly-qualified teaching staff.  In addition, the program is extremely well-managed by a team of dedicated professionals.  We couldn’t be happier with SWAN, and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about wanting their child to learn Mandarin.” – Gerri Magie Vaswani (March, 2017)

“We can’t say enough wonderful things about SWAN. Our 2-year-old has been there for the last 6 weeks and has been learning a great deal with this bilingual program. She now knows 13 colors, 18 animals, and speaks short sentences in Mandarin in a matter of weeks! The staff is warm and really talented. We highly recommend this program to NYC parents who are looking to introduce their children to bilingual education, all at a very affordable price! (It’s a non-profit organization!)” – Kim Bissonnette (March, 2017).



SWAN is a rolling admission school, sliding scale is available for families of all income level.

Full Day or Half Day Registration: 2018-2019 Preschool Registration

To complete registration, email (info@swan-nyc.org) or fax (347.748.9693).  For question, feel free to telephone main office at 646.998.5786


Shuang Wen Academy Network (SWAN) helps students from varied social, economic and ethnic backgrounds develop proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, and acquire a greater understanding of Chinese culture, so they can become better global citizens in an increasingly competitive and demanding international environment. While providing early language learning opportunities that take full advantage of both traditional and innovative teaching techniques, advanced technologies and strategic partnerships, SWAN seeks to share its best practices and replicate its success.

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