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As the largest Chinese immersion school in the Lower East Side Manhattan, New York City area, SWAN (Shuang Wen Academy Network) responds to community needs by providing quality pre-school, after-school and summer program specializing in Mandarin Chinese language proficiency and awareness of Chinese culture.  Since inception from 1996, we have delivered programs to over 7,000 families.

Every day, children between the ages of 2 to 14 come together to engage in a wide range of cultural and linguistic activities.  Because of our success in immersion teaching, the average SAT II Mandarin Chinese language score of our students is 616/800; this number represents the performance of students who had been actively enrolled in the SWAN After-School Program through grade 8.

Regardless if you are sending your children to learn Chinese for economic or cultural identity reason.  SWAN’s students graduate the program with not only Mandarin Chinese proficiency, but gain lasting friendships, a strong sense of self-perception, diversity recognition and new exciting opportunities.  When we see our children of various ethnic backgrounds signing and speaking in perfect Mandarin.  We know, we have enriched and changed their lives.  At the same, it reaffirms the work that we do leads to real impact.  The board, staff and I are undeniably committed to SWAN’s mission.

This year, a total of 435 children rely on SWAN’s preschool, after-school and summer program.  With a growing demand, the short-term 5 year objective benchmark is to add a scholarship program every year for 50 preschoolers and after-school students, a digital Chinese learning center and increase the Summer Exchange Students to China by 40 families in summer of 2019.  The long term objectives for year 2021 – 2024 is to launch a brand new Dual Language School for Age 2 to 8th Grade.

We are asking SWAN’s graduates, current and future donors to contribute and help us accomplish an annual fundraising goal of $300,000.  Regardless if the donation is big or small, 100% of proceeds will go toward making SWAN available to all families.  Consider making a contribution and share this page on your Facebook and/or Twitter.


Fu Mei Cheung
Executive Director

SWAN is a non-profit federal tax-exempt 501 C(3) organization (EIN31-1587377). All donations to SWAN re tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  Thank you for your donation.



Shuang Wen Academy Network (SWAN) helps students from varied social, economic and ethnic backgrounds develop proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, and acquire a greater understanding of Chinese culture, so they can become better global citizens in an increasingly competitive and demanding international environment. While providing early language learning opportunities that take full advantage of both traditional and innovative teaching techniques, advanced technologies and strategic partnerships, SWAN seeks to share its best practices and replicate its success.

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