SWAN January 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parents & Guardians:
Happy New Year and welcome back! I hope everyone had a festive holiday break and welcomed in 2019 with a smile.
2019 is an exciting year with new SWAN developments:
  • Coming this Fall – SWAN Pre-Kindergarten Class! 18 children will enroll in our accelerated curriculum of Literacy, Math and Chinese Mandarin. We welcome current SWAN and non-SWAN parents to join the information session on 1/25 and 2/1, scroll down to sign-up.
  • Brand New Assessment Scale for After-School. Starting March, 2019, we will no longer use tests and exams to assess the children’s performance. Instead, an inventory of vocabularies, phrases and usage of vocabularies will be used. More information will be available in the March Parents-Teacher Conference.
  • Winter/Spring Parents Workshop Series – this Health Series will include discussions of children’s allergies and bullying. Look for our registration email in the next few weeks.
  • Summer Program Registration will begin in late February for current after-school and non-SWANparents with children ages 4 and up. Summer Program Date: 7/8 ~ 8/16 at NEST+M.
  • Lunar New Year Performance Dinner – After having more than 400 participants at last year’s celebration, we are moving to an even BIGGER venue this year. Don’t miss the early bird ticket(s). More information below.
Everyday, I come to work knowing the staff and I are doing meaningful work by developing a new generation of global citizens. It is absolutely amazing to see our children naturally using both English and Chinese Mandarin. And, to go beyond the language, seeing the children embracing Western and Eastern culture is an honest testament of SWAN’s mission. Your support gives us the additional resources we need in our classrooms. We have not reached our fundraising goal of $25,000, but we believe we will with everyone’s support. It is never too late to contribute.
Last but not the least, has everyone visited the SWAN’s Facebook page? We are not shy to share special learning moments and/or memories of SWAN’s teaching.
I wish everyone a great 2019!
Fu Mei Cheung
Executive Director



2019年是一個令人興奮的一年, 展望有一些新的發展:
展望預幼班 – 18名兒童將報名參加我們的預幼班中英雙語和數學加速課程。我們將於1/25和2/1的舉辨說明會,家長可以網頁下方線上註冊。

全新的課後班檢核表。從2019年3月開始。我們將不再使用段考和期末考來評估孩子。各年級評估,將包括注音符號,國字,造詞,和造句。 我們會在3月親師座談會提供更多信息。
冬/春季親子研討會 – 健康系列討論主題包括兒童過敏和霸凌。
暑期課程註冊將於2月下旬開始。 4歲及以上的暑期課程將於2019年7月8日至8月16日在科技數學新探索學校舉行。
農曆新年學生表演晚宴 – 去年的慶祝活動中有超過400人參加,今年我們將換到一個更大的場地舉行。我期待在這次活動中見到大家!更多信息如下。

我每天來上班,我知道展望教職員和我為培養新一代的全球公民進行很有意義的工作。看到我們的孩子自然地使用英語和中文交談,真是太棒了。並且看到他們接受西方和東方文化素養,是展望完成使命的證明。您的捐款將為我們提供了額外的學校資源。我們尚未達到25,000美元的籌款目標,但我們相信,我們將在每個人的支持下實現我們的目標。 您的貢獻永遠不會太晚



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