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When you make a tax-deductible donation to SWAN you are investing in building a truly Global Generation. SWAN students are made up of more than 630 talented and diverse individuals who learn Chinese language and culture from before kindergarten until they graduate from middle school.

SWAN combines indispensable After-School service with affordable high-quality language immersion.

SWAN After-School gives working parents a place for their children from 4-14 years of age a safe and productive learning environment. SWANs Chinese immersion classes, running every day from 3:00pm to 5:30pm stimulate and invigorate learning and achievement as well as cultural and linguistic proficiency in every SWAN student. By the time SWAN students graduate from Middle School, the vast majority of them can understand Mandarin Chinese.


Assists SWAN After-School program in the following ways

  • Gives 630+ SWAN students, aged 4-14 a safe and productive learning environment from 3:00 to

5:30pm, which are peak hours for unsupervised youth in experimentation with cigarettes, sex, and drugs.


  •        Provides working parents with affordable After-School childcare allowing them to be more productive and succeed.  Most SWAN students attend P.S.184M, of which around 70% of families qualify for a reduced fee or free lunch. SWAN is a fee-based ASP that, through fundraising, manages to partially subsidize the cost of its 10 month program, charging $100 per month for an excellent and quality program.
  • Your contribution enables SWAN to continue subsidizing more of the program costs for its increasing number of families experiencing financial hardship.

Provides Chinese Language 

and Culture Immersion

  • Gives 630+ students aged 4-14 grade specific, high-quality Chinese language and cultural learning for children of all backgrounds. Children in SWAN’s program learn both the language as well as arts, philosophy, and history of China.
  • Prepares children for a global environment through bilingual proficiency. The average graduating SWAN student scores “fluent” on SAT II Chinese exams..
  • Provides SWAN students with excellent language teachers. The majority of SWAN teachers have degrees or certifications in bilingual learning.
  • Allows SWAN to reach out to kids in other communities providing them with the same excellent service.



Shuang Wen Academy Network (SWAN) accepts charitable donations by check, money order or credit card. When contributing, please make checks payable to Shuang Wen Academy Network. Questions? Call us at 212.602.9760.

All donations to SWAN are Tax-Deductible under the extent allowable by law. SWAN is a registered 501-C3 Non-profit Corporation







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  • 2019年中文暑期班優先報名優惠,節省175美元

    SWAN中文暑期班現已開放註冊。 普通話學習,新加坡數學,游泳(可選),學生表現,文化實地考察和活動。 根據大眾需求,可提供兄弟姐妹折扣。 SWAN夏季課程於週一至週五上午8:30至下午6:00,週一至週五上午8:30至下午6:00,在111哥倫比亞,Ny,Ny 10002的天才和天才NEST + M開始。課程費用為1,500美元 早鳥和2月16日和之後的1,675美元。 點擊此處查看兄弟折扣信息和註冊表。 如有疑問,請發送電子郵件至info@swan-nyc.org或致電646.998.5786。 期待與您會面並與您合作!

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    即將到來的家長研討會:11月29日下午5點 李史蒂芬妮博士是一位臨床心理學家,任職於兒童心智機構的過動症和行爲失調中心,她將與家長分享如何幫助孩子建立社交和情緒恢復能力,正念減壓和利社會行為.   註冊    

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  • 家長研討會

    11月3日星期六上午10點: 有興趣申請資優學校嗎? 11月29日星期四下午5點: 如何栽培有信心又獨立的孩子?

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