**Children of all Mandarin Proficiency Levels Welcome to Apply**

SWAN has over 25 years of pedagogical experience. We use our proven format and curriculum to support our toddlers and preschoolers.

  • The SWAN Preschool is an extension of our highly successful After-school program.
  • Our curriculum is based on the premise that children have a natural state of curiosity and readiness for learning.
  • Children have an opportunity to participate in culturally and linguistically relevant activities to facilitate language acquisition.  
  • We celebrate all major Chinese holidays with activities such as tasting moon cakes and dancing in traditional Chinese costumes!

Preschool Lunar New Year Performances

What our parents say...

"My daughter has attended SWAN for over a year. She started in the 2s class, participated in their summer camp, and is now in the 3s class. Although we do not speak Mandarin at home, she is completely bilingual. The teachers and staff at SWAN are excellent and about 80% of the instruction is in Mandarin. She absolutely loves her teachers and classmates. She is constantly singing Chinese songs and telling stories in Chinese. She also speaks with my mother, who is a native speaker, in Mandarin. SWAN is also quite affordable compared with other Mandarin programs."
Stephanie Spangler​
"Our daughter started with SWAN at age 2.5, and in less than a year she has become proficient in Mandarin. While neither of us speak Mandarin ourselves, through SWAN, our daughter has been able to develop and practice her speaking, listening and reading skills working with native speakers. We have been very impressed with all aspects of the curriculum and environment. Our daughter has received individualized attention from highly-qualified teaching staff. We would recommend it to anyone who is serious about wanting their child to learn Mandarin.”
Gerri Magie Vaswani​
“We can’t say enough wonderful things about SWAN. Our 2-year-old has been there for the last 6 weeks and has been learning a great deal with this bilingual program. She now knows 13 colors, 18 animals, and speaks short sentences in Mandarin in a matter of weeks! The staff is warm and really talented. We highly recommend this program to NYC parents who are looking to introduce their children to bilingual education, all at a very affordable price! (It’s a non-profit organization!)”
Kim Bissonnette​
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